Faith Leaders From Across Political Spectrum Bear Witness to Urgent Need for Immigration Reform

Congress Should Take A Cue from Moral Voices Urging Action, Compassion

Washington, DC – Tomorrow, the Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law of the House Judiciary Committee will hear expert testimony from conservative religious leaders about the moral urgency of comprehensive immigration reform.  These powerful spokespeople are adding their voices to scores of religious organizations who have been calling for enactment of comprehensive immigration reform for years.

The Interfaith Platform on Humane Immigration Reform—signed by over 500 religious leaders and organizations—highlights a number of groups and leaders who have fought for years and even decades to advance comprehensive immigration reform in Congress.  At tomorrow’s hearing, entitled “The Ethical Imperative for Reform of Our Immigration System,” leaders from key conservative denominations will also outline their strong support for reform that is grounded in the Biblical mandate to “welcome the stranger,” and urge Congress to set aside partisanship to work on a fair, just, and practical solution.  Conservative Evangelical organizations and leaders, including the National Association of Evangelicals, have recently clarified and amplified their support for comprehensive immigration reform and in May, several of them came together to lay out a “just assimilation immigration policy” to “affirm common ground” among conservative faithful.  And conservative and evangelical leaders have formed a new organization called Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform to advance their cause.