San Diego Elected Officials: “We need a Clean Dream Act Now!”

San Diego Elected Officials: “We need a Clean Dream Act Now!”

Bipartisan group sends letter to Congress on National Day of Action in Support of the Dream Act

San DiegoIn a display of bipartisan support, two dozen local and state elected officials signed onto a letter asking Congress to protect Dreamers without further militarizing border communities.

The letter is being sent to Members of Congress today and coincides with a National Day of Action in support of a clean Dream Act. Immigrant youth, advocates and people of faith are issuing statements and demonstrating across the country in a unified display of support for Dreamers and their families.  

Laura Moreno, Chair of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium released the following statement:

“The DACA program did so much to improve the quality of life for Dreamers and their families. It helped lift thousands of families out of poverty by improving access to good quality jobs and education, and provided them with a level of safety and security.  Returning to the situation we were in before the DACA program was announced hurts California families and communities, and is particularly dangerous for individuals who live in the border region, who are already at a heightened risk of abuse and deportation at the hands of corrupt border agents. I ask Congress to pass a clean Dream Act now without border militarization.”  

Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, CA Assembly District 80, released the following statement:

“We cannot allow Congress to trade the safety of young immigrants for the safety of their parents and community members. Instead, we should promote policies that keep families together, not tear them apart, and uplift the quality of life of all border residents. Our region will be better off for it. That’s why we are calling on Congress to pass a clean Dream Act now without further militarizing our communities.”

Assemblymember Todd Gloria, CA Assembly District 78, released the following statement:

“Not only are Dreamers and their families valued members of our communities, they contribute greatly to our regional and binational economies. Instead of demonizing DACA recipients, the federal administration and the majority in Congress should do its job and pass a clean, bipartisan Dream Act now.”

Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas released the following statement:

“Border Dreamers and their families are an important part of the fabric of our region. They are a part of our economic, social and civic society. We are committed to doing everything in our power to protect the safety and wellbeing of Border Dreamers and their families. We will continue to urge Congress to pass a clean Dream Act now.”

Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear released the following statement:

“Encinitas is proud to be a welcoming city that recognizes the value that multiculturalism brings to our community. We must promote policies of inclusion, not exclusion, and that’s why we need to pass a Dream Act that will honor and respect the contributions of Dreamers in our country, no matter where their ancestors were born. Encinitas and our region are better off when families stay together; and we’re diminished when we set up systems that needlessly rip families apart and separate them from their communities.

San Diego City Council Member Georgette Gomez released the following statement:

“I call on Congress to pass a clean Dream Act now without further militarizing our communities. San Diegans don’t want to spend one more cent on building the unnecessary wall or continued militarization of the region. We must support families, not walls.”

Santee City Council Member Stephen Houlahan released the following statement:

“If a child has lived in this country his or her entire life, there is nowhere he or she can go back to. This is their country. That’s why Congress must act.”

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