San Diego Elected Officials Sign Letter Urging Passage of a Clean Dream Act

In a display of bipartisan support, two dozen local and state elected officials signed onto a letter that urges Congress to protect Border Dreamers without further militarizing our communities.  

Immigrant Day – 20 Years Later, California Surges Ahead



Pedro Rios speaking at Immigrant Day in Sacramento. Photo by Arcela Nuñez-Alvarez

By Pedro Rios.

Twenty years ago today, I felt a lump in my throat as I began the hour drive from San Francisco to Sacramento to join the first-ever Immigrant Day.

The anti-immigrant fervor at the time had manifested itself in frightening ways. The spirit of California’s anti-immigrant initiative from 1994, Proposition 187, had catapulted its way to Washington, D.C., fueling the backlash against newcomer communities. Immigration and welfare reforms dominated the local and national policy agendas.

We couldn’t stay silent in the face of discriminatory laws and hateful rhetoric that targeted the most vulnerable in our communities.

7 in 10 Latino Voters Support Obama’s DAPA, DACA Programs, Poll Finds


Three out of four Latinos will cast ballots for a presidential candidate supporting deportation relief programs, according to an America’s Voice and Latino Decisions poll released last week.

Asked what their most important issue was ahead of November’s general election, 41 percent of the 2,200 registered voters surveyed said immigration reform and deportations were at the top of their list, followed by the economy (24 percent) and education reform (16 percent).

DACA Opens Door to Health Care


OAKLAND, Calif. — Jesus Pina Sanchez remembers all too vividly that morning two years ago when he was crossing the street near his home and got hit by a car in the crosswalk.

The then15-year-old was rushed by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Oakland, X-rayed and treated for the bruises he suffered. He was discharged later that day and his parents were slapped with a $10,000 bill, which weeks later went to collections.

Union-Tribune: Jose Antonio Vargas: stop immigrant stereotypes


By Tatiana Sanchez, San Diego Union-Tribune

Journalist, filmmaker and immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas on Thursday stressed the need for Americans of all backgrounds to engage in open, honest and sometimes even uncomfortable conversations about race and immigration.

More than 200 students, educators and community members attended the lecture organized by UC San Diego’s Cross-Cultural Center, which sponsors programs focused on diversity, social justice and equity.