Thank Your Elected Official for Choosing to Lead a Welcoming City


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Dear ______________,

I am writing to thank you for working to make your city and our border region a place that is welcoming to all residents, regardless of where they come from or how they got here.

San Diego County and the entire border region has long benefitted from a rich and diverse population, and it’s embedded in the very fabric of our culture.  Immigrants and refugees make up roughly a quarter of San Diego County’s population and over 37% of households speak a language other than English at home.  If we were to include the children and family members of those individuals, the percentage of immigrant and refugee families is actually much higher.  Immigrants and refugees grow businesses, strengthen the economy, create jobs, and serve as leaders in churches, organizations, schools and other community venues.

By declaring your city a Welcoming City, it sent a strong message that the contributions of immigrant and refugee communities are important and that all residents, regardless of where they come from, are valued and welcome.  Unfortunately, over the last year, we have heard an increase in hateful rhetoric across the country, seen a number of anti-immigrant and anti-refugee legislation at the federal level, and witnessed an increase in hate crimes and hate speech locally.  Such words and actions have the potential to create fear and division in our community, and it takes tremendous courage and vision to stand up against it, and declare your city a Welcoming City.  I want to recognize and thank you for your commitment to ensuring that all residents feel welcome.  

Thank you for your bold leadership and steadfastness in championing the rights of our communities.  


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