DACA Opens Door to Health Care


OAKLAND, Calif. — Jesus Pina Sanchez remembers all too vividly that morning two years ago when he was crossing the street near his home and got hit by a car in the crosswalk.

The then15-year-old was rushed by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Oakland, X-rayed and treated for the bruises he suffered. He was discharged later that day and his parents were slapped with a $10,000 bill, which weeks later went to collections.

With the help of a pro bono attorney, the Sanchez family was not only able to squash the bill but to get $5,000 in settlement from the driver.

More on his story and the importance of healthcare in the undocumented community read here: http://newamericamedia.org/2016/04/daca-opens-door-to-health-care.php

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