CCA Detention Center


If someone you know has been detained by Border Patrol or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), then he or she is probably at the CCA Detention Center, also known as the San Diego Detention Facility. CCA is a private corporation that works under contract with ICE to house immigrant detainees. Visiting hours for family and friends are limited to the weekends and holidays, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm. Visitors must be identified on a visitors list by the detainee prior to visiting. To locate a detained person at this facility and for further information on visitation, call CCA at 619.661.9119.

ICE officers are in charge of deciding bond amounts for the release of detainees who are fighting their cases in immigration court. If you would like to request a bond for a family member, call 619.710.8300 and ask to speak to the officer in charge of the case. It will help to know the “A number” of the person who is detained. If you do not know the “A number” and you are a family member of the detained person, you can ask the officer in charge for number.

To find out if someone has a court date, call 800.898.7180 and follow the instructions for information on hearing dates, court decisions, and appeal information. You will need to know the “A number” of the person who is in court proceedings. If you need further information, contact the San Diego court directly at 619.557.5758.


If you or someone in your family has been mistreated while detained at CCA, report the mistreatment to the American Civil Liberties Union.


  1. jorge de la cruz /

    where is my friend

  2. maderlyn jimenez /

    where is my brother, please help me????

  3. Ronald broas /

    Can i visit my friend? She’s in cca otay san diego.

    • admin /

      You need to arrange visits through CCA. We are not affiliated with them in any form.

  4. manuel alberto arenivar salgado /

    Need to know if manuel alberto arenivar salgado was picked up by inmigation services.

  5. How can someone find out if someone was detained in the border.
    Thank you

  6. maria munoz /

    For how long can a person last detained in one of these detention center? I have a person missing for about 4 years and we dont know were he can be last we heard he was deported to Tj and was going to try to come in to united states again but never heard anything again from him (Fransisco velasquez,Rodrigues date of birth 12/08/1980 from oaxaca mexico

  7. How can I get information about where my dad could be..he and my sister where coming back from tj airport but they took my dad in withought giving my sister any explanation he’s a resident here help me find my dad please otay says he’s not there

  8. Karen /

    Hi everyone, my sister been missing ever since she got transfer from las colinas to one if this immigration detentions I try looking for her in the ice locator website and I haven’t had any answers I have called every number they provide and none cant help me. today I went personal to cca otay detention and they said they never had a person with that booking number cause that’s all I have from her, a booking number, her name her last name and second name also her d.o.b. they told me there was another detention 45mins away and I went over and no answers at all they said was she wasn’t there I can’t even get an answer from immigration office because they are so unprofessional and so rude. Last time I had contact with her she said she was in Otay and she was fighting her case I been stressing and depress ed over all, I been struggling over this situation not only that but I don’t even know if she is in Mexico yet last week we change our phone number for personal reasons that was the only number she knew we don’t even have family in Tj it’s been affecting me emotional and in many ways . I been reading all this comments about people looking for their love ones, missing people it’s just not fair please if someone knows beyond information please help.

  9. Zelina /

    Where is my boyfriend please help me … Name David piƱa garcia

    • Itzel Guillen /

      Hi Zelina,

      In order to locate your boyfriend, call CCA or the San Diego Detention Facility. Their phone number is 619.661.9119.
      Best of luck,
      Itzel Guillen

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